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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Treasure Hunts

So much loot waits you in the sunshine.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Treasure Hunts

There are loads of treasure hunts in Blood and Wine. We'll highlight the really major ones like witcher gear diagrams on their own pages, but all the little ones you can find in the world will be posted here as we come across them.

Black Widow

This treasure hunt is found at a Hidden Treasure open world marker found to the south of Cockatrice Inn. Follow the road down the coast until you cross a bridge, then search the beach until you see a group of Drowners.

Take the letter from the corpse the Drowners were feasting on and read it, then swim out to the wreck; it’s less than 100m away and you can see the hull sticking out of the water. To get to the casket, swim past the bit poking out of the water and dive down to find a big open area beneath the wreck.

There are a few Drowners under the water but the real danger here is greed: there are several minor loot containers under the water and getting them all in one dive is a bit tricky. Pop Killer Whale for best results. It is worth it, as the hold is full of dyes and crafting materials.

Don't Take Candy From a Stranger

As part of the Wine Wars: Vermentino side quest, you’ll head to a house that’s been occupied by three Rotfiends – it’s one of the locations marked on the map as one of Vermentino’s problems. It’s a pretty little blue house with a locked door that’s surrounded by a lot of sunflowers.

Kill the Rotfiends – it’d be very difficult to reach what you need to without doing so – and then look around the side of the house. Here you’ll find some loot. Among it is a note from a now-dead character stating he’d ferreted away some money in a hidden location. This’ll trigger this quest; follow the quest line back to the Vermentino vineyard and follow the waypoint to find this chest full of coin.

Coin Doesn't Stink

As part of the Wine Wars: Coronata Quest, you’ll head to a bridge over water and find some troublemaker Rock Trolls. Kill those guys, and then search around for a corpse in the area where you found them. On this poor soul you’ll find a note which details the location of a hidden stash of coin.

After you’ve found the note and the accompanying key, head on back to Coronata Vineyard, which is a little to the North and quite a way to the West. Use Witcher senses to search around the vineyard and eventually, not far from the stables, you’ll find a pile of dung. Investigate it – inside is a lockbox, and inside that is a good bit of gold.

Filibert Always Pays His Debts

To acquire this one you need to clear the Guarded Treasure near the Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate marker, south east of Flovive. The guard is a spectral knight. Once it’s down, search the body near the well where the icon is and read the notes you find.

To locate the stash, enter the building on the north side of the courtyard and climb the ladder. Interact with the candlestick and loot the chest behind it.

The Last Exploits of Selina’s Gang

This treasure hunt is acquired by looting a container in the catacombs of Beauclair cemetery guarded by a gang of grave robbers; you'll probably find it during Til Death Do You Part.

The first stop is just a short trot from the cemetery. There’s a Guarded Treasure icon with three drowners; beat them up and loot the marked corpse for a key, among other goodies.

Return to where you first fought the grave robbers and you’ll be able to unlock the loot cache.

The Curse of Carnarvon

This quest is kicked off thanks to a note found on the body of an unfortunate Alistair Carnarvon. To find him, head to the Castel Ravello Vineyard. He can be found to the Northwest of this vineyard. His corpse will be marked with a treasure hunt marker on the map, but beware - he's surrounded by Barghests. Kill them.

Pick up and read his letter as well as the key he carried with him, then head to the indicated location. You'll be ambushed by a couple of nasty spores at this location. Kill them and then search the camp; you'll find a chest you can unlock with the key found of Carnarvon's body. In return you'll get an armor diagram and some more generic loot.

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