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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - The Night of Long Fangs

Well, s**t just got real.

the witcher 3 blood and wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - The Night of Long Fangs

This quest continues on automatically from the last, and starts with a fight with a bruxa ("Bruxae" is the plural, apparently). It’s easier in this more open arena, but this one is a higher level than the one you met early in the DLC, so be careful. The strategy is the same.

When the fight is over Regis arrives for a chat. Eventually you’ll have to make a choice; if you don’t want to commit to either plan yet, choose the third option and make a back up save as soon as the conversation ends so you can explore either branch.

Regardless of which you eventually choose they both begin the same way. Make your way down to Beauclair, watching out for the lesser vampires that appear here and there.

Shortly after crossing the bridge you’ll face a gharkain. This is not ideal. At the start of the encounter it’s pretty easy to hit it and then dodge its counter-attacks, but knock some of its health off and it becomes significantly more aggressive. It has a leaping attack which it uses frequently once it's been stirred up, and a screech that stuns you for a dangerously long time. You need to hammer it or get a good distance away during the casting to avoid that one. The good news is if you need a breather you can roll away back across the bridge and usually get away.

Further down the street you’ll meet another bruxa, so lay down Yrden as soon as you see a hooded figure vanish near some burning carts.

Just when you think you’re done, a fleder pops up. Hooray! Your mileage may vary but I find these guys much easier than either of the last two vampire types; just chain dodges and fast attacks, and occasionally stagger it with Igni for a strong attack. It has a leap but nothing too worrying.

When the battle is done, search around with Witcher Senses; check the bodies and the blood trail, which you can then follow. Check the barricade and the body as you pass, then advance very cautiously. There’s a bruxa ahead, as well as an alp, which is basically a bruxa from earlier in the alphabet. If you wait a second until they’re done slicing townsfolk you can manipulate the situation so that you only have to fight one of them at a time. There’s a bit of minor loot scattered around this area when they’re down.


This is where the two paths diverge. You'll proceed through very different quests depending on which you choose, and it's probable your ending choices will be affected, too. Be aware that you can follow the Orianna objective through one optional mission and then return to the other branch anyway. Follow your chosen objective below

Ask Orianna where to find the Unseen Elder

Ignore the north path and head southeast. You’ll battle another gharkain as you follow the path but it’s otherwise a pretty easy route. When you reach Orianna, you’ll automatically begin the quest Blood Simple.

Follow Damien’s Unit using your Witcher Senses

Continue along the trail to the north. Further along the trail you’ll face a blast of bats and then examine another body before battling another fleder. Cutscenes kick off as soon as it is dead. Chatting with Damien, you can easily convince him to give up the information you need.

Afterwards, speak with the ravens; this transitions you to Beyond Hill and Dale.

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