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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Blood Simple

Nothing is ever simple when it comes to blood.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Blood Simple

This quest does not lock you onto this branch of the main story as long as you are careful about dialogue choices at the end. Stay alert.

Having tracked her down in Beauclair during The Night of Long Fangs, chat with Orianna and you’ll be taken to an orphanage beyond the city. When the dialogue scenes end, search the area with Witcher Senses.

There are two bodies to examine inside and another just outside the door, where you’ll find some claw marks on the wall and pawprints outside leading to another body. A fourth body is waiting next to the archway just past this one, but more important is a bloodstain on the stair railing.

Follow the scent and examine the body after vaulting the wall. Examine the cart tracks, then grab Roach to follow them.

Follow the trail to the river bank and examine the horse and the body on the cart. Prepare yourself for the battle head. The boss can be found just down the river.

Boss: Alpha

  • Bomb: Moon Dust
  • Bomb: Samum
  • Oil: Vampire
  • Potion: Black Blood

This fight is very similar to a normal gharkain battle – just a little more dangerous and drawn-out. As ever, your best opportunity to strike is to get right behind the creature while it is casting its shriek and hammer it then. You can also interrupt its cast with a powerful sign or a bomb.

The Alpha becomes much more aggressive and dangerous when you’ve beaten it up a bit – again, just like a standard gharkain. It gets much harder to dodge its attacks while remaining close enough to strike, and makes more use of a leaping attack.

Now’s the time to use your bombs, if you’re good with them; put some distance between you, lob an explosive, then dance in to take advantage of the beast’s discomfiture.

Back to the orphanage

Return to Orianna for a chat, and then to the waypoint to speak to the birds. You can travel directly to Regis or make your own way there if you need to get anything done before the next quest, like visit your stash or gather items.


When you meet Regis, you’re given one last opportunity to take this quest in the opposite direction. If you want to do this, tell him and then head to Beyond Hill and Dale to continue.

Otherwise, it’s off to the Unseen Elder – although again, there’s a dialogue option to travel on your own, which gives you time to prepare first. Since all the shops are closed and most secondary quests are locked, this really just means visiting your stash or maybe collecting some alchemy ingredients. When you’re ready, proceed to What Lies Unseen.

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