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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Big Feet to Fill

Assist in the building of an impressive new religious statue.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Big Feet to Fill

This quest becomes available after completing the Witcher Contract 'Bovine Blues' - or alternatively you can stumble across and complete its component parts while exploring Toussaint. If you do the latter, be aware that completing one 'group' won't point you to the rest or add the quest to your log - you actually need to receive the quest via Bovine Blues to track it that way.

Big Feet to Fill: The First Group

A group of bandits are attacking a travelling coach of workers who are meant to be helping to build a new statue just to the North East of Fox Hollow. It's your job to ensure the statue gets built, so there's only one thing for it: slay the bandits that are attacking the coach when you find them, and then chat to the head of the party leading the coach. Geralt will meditate, and that's this part over with.

Consider making a save before tackling this, as my first attempt at this quest bugged out, with the workers not recognizing they were now safe.

Big Feet to Fill: The Second Group

Just on the Western side of Plegmund's Bridge you'll find some workers. Some of them are very, very drunk. Chat to them and eventually there'll be some antagonizing back and forth that results in Geralt taking on the drunks in a fist fight. Fight them and knock them out - don't kill them, of course - and that's that.

Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group

You’ll find this abandoned wagon just north of the Belgaard Vineyard and across a bridge over a river. Kill the wolves who’ve gathered, then examine the corpse. This’ll trigger this part of the quest.
Use your Witcher senses to follow the tracks of the person who ran from the attacked wagons. This’ll lead to a Spriggan. Slay it, then look for the cave entrance right near where the Spriggan was hanging out – inside there’ll be the poor victim, hanging out. Chat to him and you’re done – for now.

Big Feet to Fill: The Fourth Group

You'll find this site just to the North West of the Trading Post that in turn is near Plegmund's Bridge - in fact, it's really to the North of both of these landmarks, but sandwiched between the two. Here you won't be given a fight to handle right away - instead you find a worker's camp site that's mysteriously empty.

Use your Witcher senses to find blood and then track your way after some Kikimores. Track them back to their nest, kill a few of them, and incinerate their eggs with fire in order to prevent any more of them from showing up. Sadly you're too late to rescue these particular workers, and among the eggs you'll find proof of this, thus marking this section of the quest as complete.

Big Feet to Fill: The Fifth Group

Earlier on you rescued some workers travelling by road - now it's time to rescue some sailors. Just to the north of where the Prophet Lebioda Statue that's being built is located you'll find them under siege from bandits, and your job is as simple as ever - join the fight and take the bandits down to save the sailor's lives, then chat to the Merchant afterwards to seal the deal in marking them as officially rescued.

Once all these tasks are completed, you'll have to return to the Prophet Lebodia Statue in order to chat to the Foreman, who holds your reward. in the form of experience and a bunch of crowns.

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