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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Bovine Blues Witcher Contract

It starts silly but rapidly gets serious.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Bovine Blues Witcher Contract

A level 38 Witcher Contract you'll find on notice boards as you wander the countryside of Toussaint.

Travel to the indicated quarry; it’s best to stick to the roads if coming overland, as you won’t survive a tumble down the sides of the pit. The foreman can be found one level below the blacksmith.

After settling on the contract, follow the waypoint to the second pit. Three ghouls and an alghoul await. Approach the cow and human corpse sandwich and examine it for an exciting autopsy. Look at everything and a new option will open in which Geralt solves the mystery.

Take the ramp out of he pit and cross the bridge to reach the crane. Search with Witcher Senses to spot the marks of a mid-air collision.

Follow the blood trail to the southeast. Shortly after crossing the stream you’ll encounter a pack of necrophages by a distillery. When they’re dead and you’ve robbed the place blind, examine the scorched corpse and patch of blood, then look around for some prints leading off to the south east. Examine the tracks again when you reach the water to update the quest. The new trail leads east-northeast.

Eventually Geralt will spot the nest. Climb the hill to battle a slyzard and slyzard matriarch.

Boss: Slyzard Matriarch

  • Bomb: Grapeshot
  • Oil: Draconid
  • Sign: Aard
  • Sign: Quen

If you’ve prepared well this fight isn’t too hard. Adopt the standard dragon-slaying position (circling at the beast’s hip) and dodge its attacks as you hammer away. Quen will keep you safe.

After a bit of damage the matriarch will take off and you’re wounded youngster will drop in. If you’re quick and tough you can kill it before the matriarch joins the fun again.

The matriarch is most dangerous in the air. Use far-reaching Aard to knock her down, or get right underneath her to avoid her blast attacks and battle her after she lands.

Back to the quarry

When both the beasts are dead, loot them and destroy the nest. Before you head back to the quarry it’s worth entering the nearby cave to draw from the place of power beneath the nest. It’s most easily reached by dropping down a series of ledges to the south of the marker.

Make your way back to the quarry for a reward. Completing the quest unlock Big Feet to Fill. You may have encountered a few of the steps of this quest while wandering the wilds on other quests.

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