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The Taken King quest walkthrough - Step 3: Clyde's Stash

You need to sneak past the Hive. Unfortunately, they aren't blind.

Once you've spoken to Clyde-6 in the Tower and picked up a new class item, you need to get back down to Earth. You're after a stealth drive that'll get you and your ship past the Dreadnaught's super weapon.


Kill the Fallen and Taken and walk inside. This is the area where you fight the tank in the Sepiks Prime Earth Strike.


Move into Strike boss area and kill the Taken.


Follow arrow past the area where you kill Sepiks Prime. You then go through a vault door and kill some Taken Thrall.


Follow the corridors until you reach an elevator. Get inside and travel up onto the top of the Cosmodrome.


Now you need to turn the power on to move a bridge. Go up the stairs once you’re out of the lift. Just keep going up.


Hack the power box at the top.


The bridge moves into place. Jump across.


Clear the Thrall and Vandals and ascend the ship. Jump around the outside onto the platforms, then work you way up inside. You'll eventually come to a point where you need to duck down to get through a passage.


Crouch over the girders, but be super careful of falling. You won't die if you drop down, but you don't want to have to climb all the way up again.


Follow the arrow and keep killing. You’ll eventually reach a glowing lift. Walk into the light and up you go.


You appear in an arena. An Echo of Crota will appear, but he won't present much problem if you're levelled. Use your Gjallarhorn, if you have it. He dies quickly.


Now you just need to find the drive. Walk up to the box in the corner, get out your Ghost and press the button. You're done.


You'll see a cut-scene of the drive landing in the Tower and the Shipwright and Cayde fixing up Eris Morn’s ship.


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