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The Sims 4 leak gives us our first look at the Castle Estate Kit

You wanted it, you're getting it.

Maxis has announced what The Sims 4 players can expect between now and April.

According to the developer, Sims players can expect two “highly anticipated” Kits, one beautiful SDX Drop, one Sparkling Stuff Pack, one Celebratory Kit, and one co-created Style Kit during the period.

Further information was not provided, but one of the two Build Kits is medieval-themed due to a recent leak that came from the EA App.

As reported by SimsCommunity, X user retchiputa along with other players spotted the since-removed listing on the EA App and posted images to social media.

The listing showed images of castles alongside the following description:

“Capture the classic grandeur of a castle with The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit. This community-voted collection features stone walls, leaded glass, and everything you need to create the perfect dramatic backdrop for your next story.

Build Something Grand – Get inspired by the majesty of castles, and build gothic arches, stackable ornate windows, grand staircases, gorgeous stonework, and a large portcullis gate. It’s all about the gravitas.

Gotta Love a Classic – Parapets, stained glass, arrow slits, and even a gargoyle are among the classical details that will make your manor magnificent.”

Back in May 2023, EA asked players to vote on future Create a Sim and Build Buy Kits. In June, it was revealed that the style Kit winner was Goth Fashion and the winning build Kit was Medieval Castle. Both were said to be coming in 2024. Those in The Sims community who voted for the Medieval Castle Kit over the High Tech Futurism Kit are likely pretty pleased seeing the images and description leak.

Neither EA nor Maxis has announced an exact release date for the Kit, as its place-holder date is way, way off in the future, we expect to hear something rather soon. Upon release, according to the EA App, you will be able to grab it for £4.99 or your regional equivalent.

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