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The Pitt adds four hours play, new Achievements, to Fallout 3


The Pitt will add roughly four hours of play to Fallout 3, Jeff Gardiner, lead producer on the download, has told VG247.

"The Pitt comprises of around four hours of playtime," said the developer.

"You can always re-visit it for its unique vendors and repeatable quests as well."

Gardiner added: "There are also four new Achievements, as well as new perks."

Your 800 MS Points won't just be sunk into playtime, however. We were assured there's plenty of "phat lewt" to be had.

"There's plenty of new gear in The Pitt," said Gardiner.

"It's just as brutal but not as high tech as the load-outs available in Operation: Anchorage. There are
several new raider armors, even a stylized version of the Brotherhood of Steels' Power Armor.

"New weapons include an 'AutoAxe,' a two handled melee weapon complete with a serrated rotary blade, great for sawing through bone, and a silenced scoped automatic rifle we've coined 'The Inflitrator'."

The Pitt releases for 360 and PC only on March 24.

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