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The Last of Us: Naughty Dog apologises for hidden sex-chat numbers

The Last of Us is home to many secrets, but we'd never have guessed that a pair of hidden sex-chat numbers would be among them. As it happens, a gamer found the numbers, called them and sure enough, was connected the risqué services. Naughty Dog has now apologised for the error. Oops.

As reported by Kotaku, if you call these numbers - and we're not saying that you should, mind - you will be directed towards an actual sex-chat hotline in the States.

Speaking with the site, the game's creative director Neil Druckmann said, "That was an artist's mistake. What happened was, they put some phone numbers in the game and then they thought they could just change the area code to 555, then it's invalid because it's what they do in movies. But I guess that doesn't work when you have a 1-800 in front of it. We're now working to take it out. It was just an honest mistake."

Thanks MCV.

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