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The Last of Us: ‘Factions’ multiplayer previews and screens appear

The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog has revealed at long last the game's multiplayer mode and screens. The first wave of previews and images has gone live now. Check out the details here.

One preview by TheSixthAxis explains that The Last of Us multiplayer is called 'Factions' and is split across two game modes.

The online component lets players choose one of two human factions seen in the game's single-player campaign, and your survivor can be decked out in a variety of clothing, gear and hats, similar to Uncharted 3. You can also design a player emblem.

Your chosen clan also comes with AI survivors and matches play out across many days and weeks. Every match played counts as a day and as you progress your survivor count grows. You can also craft items online and gather resources to help your clan's survival.

There are four pre-set load-outs called assault, sniper, support and stealth, each with four slots. You can fill slots with a small weapon, a large weapon and two special skills. One confirmed skill is called Covert Training 2, which renders your character invisible when other players are in listen mode, which lets people look through walls.

We'll have more on The Last of Us multiplayer soon. The game's out exclusively on PS3 from June 14.

Here are the screens. What do you think?

Thanks AGB.

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