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The Last Door Chapter Two: Memories now available from The Game Kitchen

The Last Door, the episodic point-and-click adventure title successfully funded through Kickstarter back in December, has a new chapter available.

Created by Spanish indie developer The Game Kitchen, the game is out for PC, Linux, Mac and other flash-enabled devices and you can download chapter one - the Pilot Chapter - for free.

Here's the synopsis:

"The story follows Jeremiah Devitt, a University professor of Philosophy, who receives a distressing letter from an old childhood friend. Jeremiah returns to the manor of his friend to confirm his suspicions that something terrible has happened. Jeremiah will have to explore the deserted and unnerving mansion, seeking clues to unravel the terrible mystery behind his own past and the fate of those closest to him.

"In the latest chapter, Jeremiah visits the boarding school he and his friend attended when they were young. The school has since become a hospital assisting the care of terminally ill patients. As Jeremiah continues his dangerous journey, he begins to suspect that there's more to the hospital than meets the eye, and nothing is what it seems. Can Jeremiah place together his crude memories and discover the horrible secrets of his past?"

Chapter Two, "Memories", will become free in September, but is available now for a "pay what you want" price.

The team is currently working on Chapter Three, as noted in the developer dairy below.

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