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The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 is yet another ultra-cheap bundle of cool stuff

Humble Bundle is delivering yet another strong bundle of cheap games.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 is currently offering 7 games at its top tier, with more to come (buy now, of course, and you'll get the unannounced titles too).

For $1 you can nab yourself The Flame in the Flood, Infested Planet, and Human Fall Flat. The Flame in the Flood is probably the highlight here - it's a neat rougelike, well worth giving a look.

Pay above the average - which is currently at a very low $4.81 - to get Verdun, Samorost 3, and Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, along with the Drachenfels DLC. This is, of course, tremendous value. While Verdun's reviews weren't spectacular there's definitely an audience for it, while Vermintide and Samorost 3 are generally well-liked.

This tier will also get you any extra games that are announced before the bundle sale ends. More titles are due to be revealed within a week.

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The $10 tier gets you American Truck Simulator, which, um, simulates driving an American truck. Not usually my kind of thing, but the trailer makes it look like a fairly zen game, perhaps romanticizing the trucker experience (and perhaps ignoring the sleep deprivation and wage disputes that can come from these jobs, but hey, videogames don't always have to match the real world experience).

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 will remain available for the next two weeks. As always, you can choose what portion of your sale goes to the developers, what portion goes to Humble, and what portion goes to charity.

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