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The Evil Within reviews - all the scores for Mikami's latest

The Evil Within marks the return of acclaimed genre master Shinji Mikami to old-school survival horror. How did it go down with critics?


The Evil Within seems to be hitting pretty high notes as the review embargo lifts, with a couple of exceptions.

We'll see how scores pan out over the rest of the day, but at present, there seems to be a bit of a division. Ausgamers awarded a perfect score, but Joystiq went for 2.5 stars - the equivalent of a five on the traditional one to ten scale.

I can't say this is particularly surprising; horror is a divisive genre. On the one hand, modern triple-A efforts are disappointing, but on the other, the old classics we remember so well definitely benefit from the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia.

We'll be adding more scores as they arrive, so check back soon. If you see one we've missed, let us know in the comments.

All scores are out of ten except where otherwise noted.

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