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The Elder Scrolls Online: Xbox One version set on one server, no cross-play

The Elder Scrolls Online has received the Xbox One preview treatment over at OXM, and the site says the MMO is getting one server on Microsoft's console. There is no cross-play option with the PC or PS3 edition either.

The preview explains that the Xbox One build will offer one server, and that players will be separated into server "phases" depending on their guild choice, friends list and the results of an initial questionnaire.

Elsewhere, there is no auto-attack option, so you must mash a button to unleash blows or magic, while dungeons will come in instanced and non-instanced flavours.

There's also a PvP endgame that sees players thrust into a war between all factions and the Imperials, which takes place across all of Cyrodiil's PvP areas.

What do you think of the above? We should have more on The Elder Scrolls Online in due course.

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