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The Elder Scrolls Online has a kind of new game plus feature

When you've hit the level cap in The Elder Scrolls Online, you're only one third of the way through the game.

Speaking to Massively, an unnamed "Bethesda employee" explained that players should spend about 140 to 150 hours getting through the content in one Alliance and reaching the level 50 cap. If they're still keen to play more - and not PvP or raids - then there's still a lot to do.

"You can take the character and go back through the other alliances, but all of the content is scaled to level 50. So you can start playing through another chunk of content, but everything is harder," the representative said.

"Once you've played through all of that, you can do it again through the remaining alliance, but everything is even harder. We call it 50+ and 50++. Basically there are two additional tracks of content you can use with each character."

Players don't have to abandon their current track; if they want to go back and try something from their first alliance, it will remain levelled as it was in their original pass, and all the changes they made along the way will be in place.

"If you go to a brand-new track, it's sort of like starting over with a brand-new character, except you don't have to start a new character," the representative added.

"We let you continue to progress because the skill system is really open-ended. When you hit level 50, you've probably maxed 20% of the skills in the game. If you want to keep making your character stronger without PvP or dungeons, that's a really good way to do it."

The Elder Scrolls Online is headed to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in northern spring 2014.

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