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The Division 2 is getting a test server

The Division 2's very own Public Test Server (PTS) will be available ahead of the game's third major update.

During this week's State of the Game livestream, The Division 2 developer Massive confirmed that the PTS will return in The Division 2. The game's next big update, simply called Title Update 3, will be the subject of the first test.

Title Update 3 is planned for release on April 25, and its biggest piece of content is, of course, the Dark Hours raid. Massive is interested in testing certain aspects of the update head of its live release, but the raid will not be part of the test. The developer doesn't want to spoil the game's first raid, after all.

The PTS is a PC-only affair, available as a separate client through Uplay. All owners of The Division 2 will have access to the download while the PTS is open. The plan is to open the floodgates sometime next week, though exact rollout times are still being decided.

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Earlier today, The Division 2 received an update to fix the bug causing Specialization ammo drops to be incredibly rare.

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