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The best Star Wars Battlefront Easter egg yet

Full of Easter eggs, Star Wars Battlefront is. But this one is the easiest to miss.


You should know by now Star Wars Battlefront is a love letter to the original trilogy films. The in-game recreations of famous battles and the incredibly detailed vehicles and weapons are just one of the many ways it pays tribute to them.

Then there are the Easter eggs, some anyone can notice if they spent some time looking around. Others, only eagle-eyed ones will recognise.

Today's find comes from one of the training missions in the game, the one set on Sullust that teaches you how to command an AT-ST. At the beginning of the mission, there's a cut-scene of Stormtroopers receiving orders, when one in the back does a clumsy thing certain other trooper did in the first film.

Here it is, courtesy of GamesRadar.

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And here's the original. Thanks, Sheriff Mahgnitton.

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