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Telltale teases crossover of Sam & Max, Penny Arcade, Strongbad, and... Team Fortress?


So a homicidal rabbit, a dog detective, two people who may eventually attain sainthood while writing about "dickwolves" on the side, a luchador who reads emails for a living, and - for some reason - Team Fortress 2's Heavy walk into a bar...

...And you'll just have to wait until shortly before PAX for the conclusion to this riveting tale. For now, though, Gametrailers has a quick teaser of Telltale's currently untitled crossover, which appears to feature Sam & Max, Tycho of Penny Arcade fame, Strongbad, and Team Fortress 2's Heavy. Sadly, we saw neither scaly hide nor poofy 80's hair of a Jurassic Park T-Rex or Marty McFly, but we can dream, can't we?

Then again, most of our dreams somehow involve Marty McFly riding a T-Rex, so this doesn't really change things. Anyway, check out the teaser below.

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