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A little bit of Ocean’s 12 is coming to Tekken 8 via its new French fighter

Don't tell Macron! Imagine how violent this will make the youth!

Tekken 8 Victor character reveal
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Heads up Tekken fans! A new Tekken 8 character has been revealed, this time a brand new addition to the series hailing from France! Victor Chevalier - voiced by actor Vincent Cassel of Ocean's 12 fame.

Victor Chevalier is the UN’s independent forces founder, according to his bio on the Tekken 8 website. He also trained the Raven Force, the same faction that Raven and Master Raven come from as you could probably guess. He's also packing some serious heat, with two knives, a pistol, and a cyber samurai sword that's giving off lots of Jetstream Sam vibes. That's a good thing!

Check out the new trailer here!Watch on YouTube

As Tekken 8's second-to-last character reveal prior to its January release, Victor brings some sorely needed originality to the game's cast. Don't get me wrong - it's awesome to see familiar faces - but a new Tekken entry demands new blood. Azusena was a major hit at Evo when she was announced, and it's good to see the quality continue with Victor. Very John Wick Chapter 4.

Someone better brief Emmanuel Macron though. Earlier this year the President of France blamed violent video games for young people rioting following the killing of a teenage boy by police. He would later walk this statement back - maybe he was reminded that the gaming industry plays a huge role in his country's GDP. I bring this up because Tekken 8 director Harada would later push back on this statement via Twitter, and comment on the series' historical lack of French characters, as you can see below. These tweets are a bit funny in hindsight, as Victor would have certainly been locked in back then.

In terms of move set, Victor is very much like Raven, in that he has fast strikes, teleports, and all manner of tricky offensive options. A perfect match for Tekken 8's very aggressive gameplay, thanks to the heat system. Give the trailer a watch yourself, and let us know what you think below!

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