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Tekken 8 fans desperately want a guest spot for FF7's Tifa, Harada responds: "We all know she is attractive"

Tekken has previously featured a Final Fantasy character before.

Tekken 8 fans would love for Final Fantasy 7's Tifa to make a guest appearance, and the game's director is well aware of how much they want her in.

Over the years, Tekken has had a few guest characters in its games - there was Street Fighter's Tekken, The Walking Dead's Negan Smith, as weird as that one is, and even Final Fantasy 15's Notics Lucis Caelum. Now, with Tekken 8 having finally released this week, fans are asking for new potential guest characters, and one particularly popular suggestion is Final Fantasy 7's Tifa. In response to a tweet from Katsuhiro Harada, where he shared some images of Tekken 8 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth sharing a booth space at the Taipei Game Show, one fan shared a tweet asking the game director to add Tifa to the fighting game, a suggestion that resonated with a lot of other fans.

Harada's response? "We all know she is attractive and I understand that." Not sure if anyone has ever been called out so directly over a fan request like that in the games space before, but damn, Harada did kind of nail it on the head there. He went on to note that "as [of] yet we have not decided anything about guest characters." Obviously he hasn't directly said no to the idea, and given that Noctis was in Tekken 7, it is entirely possible, though don't expect to see any kind of guest characters for a little while.

Currently, the first character planned to be released as DLC is none other than Eddy Gordo, a fan favourite and series mainstay. Eddy is set to join the game sometime this coming spring, as part of Tekken 8's season 1, which will include four characters total. Given that these are probably locked in already, we probably won't be getting guest characters until at least season 2, so just keep your eyes peeled for the time being.

If you were wondering if Tekken 8 is any good, the very simple answer is yes, very, as outlined by Connor in his five-star review of the game.