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Tekken 8's first DLC character is none other than series mainstay Eddy Gordo

He'll be the first of four DLC characters as part of Tekken 8 season 1.

Eddy Gordo, the first DLC character in Tekken 8, poses ahead of a fight.
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 is almost here, and to get you excited about the future of the latest instalment, Bandai Namco has revealed the first DLC character will be fan favourite Eddy Godo.

Over the weekend, Bandai Namco released Tekken 8's opening movie, showing off plenty of pre-rendered fights between characters old and new. You'll find more than enough shots of characters looking emotional, pulling off cool poses, and a main theme that has enough bass to last a lifetime - oh, and there's a war going on too, or whatever, but you're all here for the fights and tunes. But, most importantly of all, the trailer teased the game's first season pass, and yes, you'll be happy to hear that Eddy Gordo will be back for the newest entry in the long running fighting game series.

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The brief bit of the opening movie trailer that did show off Eddy didn't show off any gameplay unfortunately, but there were some fun brief clips showing behind the scenes bits. Seeing his classic capoeira movement in-game is fun, but seeing someone in a motion capture suit is even more fun, plus there were some looks at very basic, untextured models of Eddy that really helped demonstrate the intricacies of his animations. It's a really fun way to reveal a character as dynamic as Eddy, and feels like a refreshing way to reveal a new character.

According to the trailer, Eddy will be available in spring, and the Tekken 8 season 1 will include four characters total - the other three will release in summer, autumn, and winter respectively, so a nice spread across the year.

Tekken 8 is due out later this month, on January 26, and it's looking to promise lots of content on the disc itself at launch. There's also an incredibly cool, if admittedly boring sounding, feature coming with the game that might be the series' most important innovation in years.

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