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Tekken 8's network test has led to a small leak of the game's roster

More characters are expected on top of the leaked ones, though.

Tekken 8 may have had some of its roster leaked, as some players using Cheat Engine have uncovered some unconfirmed characters hidden in the Closed Network Test.

The Closed Network Test for Tekken 8 started earlier this week, and is set to end tomorrow July 31. Those that are able to play the test can choose from five stages, and 16 playable characters which includes Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Hwoarang, Leroy Smith, and more. All of these characters, and everyone else you can play as, had already been confirmed to be in the game, but through using Cheat Engine, several Tekken community Discords found a few unannounced characters mentioned in the game's files (thanks, VGC).

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There were only six unannounced characters listed, which included Shaheen, Raven, Zafina, Yoshimitsu, Steve, and Alisa. It was pointed out by fans that it's super unlikely that the 16 characters you can play as and these additional six won't be the entire base roster, as series mainstays like Kuma, who has been in every Tekken game so far, aren't mentioned anywhere. The base roster is also meant to be a lot bigger than Tekken 7, so we can probably expect to see a few more character reveals in the future.

One thing you shouldn't expect any time soon when it comes to new character reveals are guest characters, as director Katsuhiro Harada has previously said a little while back that you should just forget about guest characters for the time being.

Tekken 8 doesn't currently have a release date in place, but we do at the very least know that it will be launching on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You also don't need to worry about whether you're playing on the same platforms as your friends, either, as Harada has also confirmed that the game will have crossplay.

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