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Tekken 7 passes 9 million sales as speculation around Tekken 8 continues

Get ready for the next battle.

Another year, another impressive achievement coming from Tekken 7, as the latest instalment in the legendary 3D fighting game series has passed 9 million total sales since its launch all the way back in 2015. This news was announced by game director and notorious hater of requests Harada on Twitter.

This announcement comes with some shiny new art celebrating the milestone as is tradition with the series, as well as a thank you to the fans who’ve supported the game over the years. This comes only a few days following the announcement of a new Tekken World Tour tournament series for 2022, which will see the game’s best players battle it out all over the world.

Did you know there's a Tekken Netflix show on the way? You can see the trailer here!

The ongoing growth of Tekken 7 is wild when you consider this game first landed in a limited capacity in arcades seven years ago, continuing its upward path as newer titles in the same genre have continued to come out. It was only last year in 2021, that Tekken 7 celebrated 7 million sales, proving the fighter’s momentum isn’t due to slow any time soon.

Over the years, Tekken 7 has been supported with numerous new DLC characters, stages, and balance patches that have gone a long way in keeping the experience fresh, as well as a thriving competitive scene that has survived despite COVID ceasing all traditional tournaments the title would typically thrive in.

With this announcement, eyes continue to look to the future of the series. It’s worth noting that Tekken 8 was one of the games featured in the Nvidia Geforce Now datamine, and with the upcoming release of a Tekken animated series on Netflix, it seems like the stage is set for a major update in the series. Who knows, maybe we’ll see something exciting during the not-E3 developer livestreams later this week?

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