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Tears of the Kingdom's best addition makes skydiving magical

It's quite the spectacle.

Shooting stars were easily one of the most magical things you could discover in Breath of the Wild, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does something even better with them.

No story spoilers but very light gameplay spoilers!

Back when Breath of the Wild first came out, there were so many things that constantly had me saying "what the hell is that?" and "jeez did something crash from the sky?" That second one is how I discovered shooting stars, which were honestly just such a neat thing to include that adds some real wonder to the world. Shooting stars are back in Tears of the Kingdom, and they've been made even more special: you can literally catch them out of thin air.

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Players started noticing pretty early on that sometimes, while they've diving from a sky island, a shooting star would spawn near them, and they could literally catch one while falling. Obviously the game hasn't even been out a week yet, so it wasn't clear how easy it is for this to happen - but then it happened to me, and oh man, is it just one of the coolest things in the game. For the most part you don't really do anything while skydiving, you're just falling with a bit of style, so it really makes you feel like you're experiencing a small bit of magic.

A few players have shared their own instance of catching stars while skydiving, and it really does seem to be a small special moment for everyone that has experienced it. I literally gasped when it happened to me, it's one of those touches that really makes it feel like Nintendo thought of everything with this game.

There are plenty of special things to be found in Tears of the Kingdom too, like the new way that the developers have paid tribute to the late Satoru Iwata, or the simple way you can share cool secrets and places with friends.

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