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Take a breath: The APOCALYPS3 is over (Updated)


Update: Here's confirmation straight from Sony.

Original: Remember that scene from "The Day After Tomorrow" when the apocalypse sort of went away for no apparent reason - even though Sony didn't release a patch for it - and everyone got all weepy and started hugging?

Well, this is kind of like that. Kind of.

Reports flooding in from all corners of the Internet are heralding the dawn of a new day, which - as many predicted - seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Sony's ailing PS3. Fluids and bed rest makes the PR nightmare go away. Just like our moms taught us!

Also, if you're still losing sleep over your precious trophy collection, you can stop knocking back the knockout pills now. Your trophies are safe and sound, and should be syncing correctly again.

So, that's that, then. Crisis averted. Now then, there's an Origami Killer that needs stopping. You know what to do.

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