Starcraft II Beta

StarCraft II Beta extended to June 7

Blizzard has decided to extend the first phase of StarCraft II Beta testing until June 7.

Starcraft II Beta headlines

  • Blizzard updates StarCraft II Beta with 3v3 and 4v4 match support

    Another day, another StarCraft II Beta patch – and just because Blizzard plans to shut it down temporarily on May 31, doesn’t mean it still can’t get an update.

  • Patch for StarCraft II Beta adds map editor, more

    Blizzard has released a new patch for the StarCraft II Beta, and even if you are not involved in the testing process, but are eager for the game, the patch notes should keep you up-to-date on the overall progress.

  • Blizzard suggests playing StarCraft II 30-60 hours before going 1v1

    StarCraft II’s design director, Dustin Browder, has revealed that Blizzard wants players new to cooperative play in the series to start out against the AI before moving on 1v1, so as to be better prepared for the onslaught.

  • StarCraft II Beta patch includes gameplay changes and additions

    Blizzard has released the sixth patch for its StarCraft II Beta, and it includes gameplay changes and additions.

  • StarCraft II closed Beta goes live

    The wait’s over! The StarCraft II Beta has gone live.

  • Blizzard releases real specs for Starcraft II beta

    Blizzard’s released the real system specs for the beta of Starcraft II.

  • Rumour - Starcraft II beta FAQ leaked

    In what could be an oopsie of the biggest kind,  Blizzard’s apparently put online the FAQ for the Starcraft II beta.

  • Blizzard: No Starcraft II beta this year

    Blizzard’s Chris Sigaty has announced at IgroMir that the planned beta for Starcraft II won’t make it for late this year. Instead, the producer for the game said it’ll be coming next year. On Thursday, Activision confirmed that the first episode of the Starcraft II saga, Wings of Liberty, is still on course for Q2 […]

  • Blizzard reveals more about the map editor for StarCraft II

    Blizzard has posted a fan Q&A on the message boards for StarCraft II, mostly chatting about the map editor. The map editor will be included in the beta, but not from the very beginning, and features a scripting language called Galaxy. You will also be able to modify a hero unit in more detail. Still […]

  • Blizzard opens StarCraft II beta sign-ups

    Blizzard is now accepting StarCraft II beta sign-ups. “The StarCraft II beta-test period is coming in the months ahead! If you’d like a chance to participate, now’s the time to let us know,” reads the World of Warcraft website. Sign in on your profile page, submit your current system specs, and opt-in. Beta testing […]

  • Rumor: China to get StarCraft II beta before May

    The three largest Chinese StarCraft II fansites are reporting that a beta for the long-awaited sequel will launch sometime before May. Each site has apparently been given keys to give away, starting as early as this week. Each site is officially approved by Blizzard, one site’s community manager claimed during an interview, and the news […]