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Legacy of the Void will conclude the StarCraft story

Upcoming StarCraft 2 expansion, Legacy of the Void, will be the conclusion of the StarCraft story, but not the end of the universe.

star_craft_2_legacy_of_the_void (1)

Legacy of the Void is the third and final expansion to StarCraft 2. The expansion will pick up where Heart of the Swarm left off, telling the story from the point of view of the Protoss race.

It will also be the end of that story, the same story that's been going on since the first game.

"StarCraft will live on as a universe. We hope to explore some other aspects of the universe, but the storyline that was set-up in StarCraft I and continued in StarCraft II will resolve in Legacy of the Void," a Blizzard representative told IGN.

"All of those main characters will reach a nice satisfying conclusion."

As usual with StarCraft expansions, Legacy of the Void will introduce new units and maps to the multiplayer side. Protoss - being the main focus - will be the recipient of new units. A beta is scheduled for the end of March.

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