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Help judge Blizzard's StarCraft 2 Arcade comp, win a laptop

StarCraft 2 modders are competing for your love. Who will receive your roses?

StarCraft 2 is the last word in modern RTS but StarCraft 2 Arcade is a whole other kettle of fish. The weird and wonderful things modders manage to do with Blizzard's tools never cease to amaze me - a pirate ship sim? A medieval spin on Battleships?

Blizzard is currently looking to pick the best of the best for Rock the Cabinet 2015, and has narrowed the field to ten possibilities. It's up to you to whittle the list down to five contenders.

To encourage you to play and vote, Blizzard is holding a raffle of sorts, with three high-end Gigabyte gaming laptops up for grabs as well as ten runner-up packs. Your entry ticket count climbs with each of the ten nominees you play, for a total of 130 (early participants were able to snare 150 tickets).

Visit to view the nominees and get started. You only have till 11:59pm PST January 15 to get all your plays and votes in.

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