Secret World

The Secret World open beta may possibly go live before Christmas

Funcom has said that while it’s too soon to give an exact date, it hopes to launch the open beta for The Secret World fairly soon. According to an interview with Funcom Canada CEO Miguel Caron (posted below), the firm is looking at around “Christmas” for the next beta phase, but it may come afterward. […]

8 years ago

Secret World headlines

  • Funcom releases beta recruitment video for The Secret World

    Funcom were supposed to open up beta registrations for The Secret World yesterday, and while the folks over there are looking into why you can’t sign up – you should still ┬áhead on over and enter your email in the box for updates on the “secret war”. Hopefully,the issue will be fixed soon, and you […]

    9 years ago
  • Quick Shots: The Secret World environments shown off

    While there still isn’t an exact release date slated for The Secret World from Funcom, it didn’t stop EA Partners from showing the title off at EA’s Summer Showcase last week, nor will it stop the firms from showing off how pretty the environments look through picturesque screenshots. Look at the latest ones for yourself […]

    9 years ago