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The Secret World Issue #7 out now for members

The Secret World's free-to-play users can pick it up from the in-game store on July 12, but members can leap right into Issue #7: A Dream to Kill now.

Issue #7 includes an all-new storyline in Transylvania involving a huge monster, and will have players explore hidden Orochi bases; meet an Orochi deserter; use the new flamethrower auxiliary weapon; and ride snowmobiles.

The bit that made me lose my s**t is that at the end of A Dream to Kill we'll finally learn a key part of The Secret World's mysterious story, leading up to Tokyo - the new zone expected in a future update. Whee!

The latest content update costs $10, although members get a discount in addition to their three-day exclusivity window, and can purchase it with Funcom points gleaned from their membership pack.

More details on the new issue are available in the director video below.

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