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The Secret World celebrates first birthday with special event, gifts

Funcom will host a number of special offers this week to celebrate the first birthday of modern-day MMO The Secret World.

A special event called The Guardians of Gaia will see huge monsters spawning throughout the game world. If this is anything like the Mayan Apocalypse event, you'll want to bring a friend or two if you want the best loot from these random encounters.

Everything in the item store except for membership packs will be 30% off, and there will be a special bonus evevery day of the birthday week, including double XP, double AP, and double skill points.

Finally, everyone who logs in during the event will get a flare gun, and all members and grandmasters will score a unique t-shirt with the number one on it.

The celebrations kick off at 6:00 AM EST July 3 and run through the same time on July 8. The Secret World does not require a subscription so if you purchased the client at any time you are good to go.

A new issue of The Sceret World - otherwise known as a content update - is due on July 8. The teaser is pretty great.

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