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The Secret World Issue #5 brings new story arc, weapon and repeat investigations

The next monthly update for The Secret World, Issue #5, includes a much requested feature, a mysterious new weapon, and some really interesting-sounding new story elements.

Funcom's plans for the next monthly update were outlined in a letter from newly incumbent game director Joel Bylos.

Bylos said the new missions introduced in Issue #5 will differ slightly from previous updates, in that they will be loosely tied together by a single story arc involving a new character, Tyler Freeborn. This conspiracy theorist was caught on Solomon Island during the incursion of the Fog, and has now gone missing. Players will travel into the Fog for the first time and learn more about the filth.

Issue #5 will also introduce a new auxiliary weapon, built by by Scrapyard Edgar in response to a new disturbance in Kingsmouth discovered by Moose and Andy. Funcom is playing coy about the weapon's nature, noting only that it has "bizarre properties" thanks to Edgar's limited understanding of quantum physics, and that it will involve a new feature which will allow Funcom "to make the combat experience of The Secret World deeper and even more interesting".

Finally, Issue #5 will make all investigation missions repeatable, which is great news for those wanting a bit of extra XP and rewards without having to slog through combat, or just to re-live the fun of the puzzles.

Bylos said there is plenty more content still to be revealed for issue #5 and also dropped a tease as to the next holiday event.

"It has nothing to do with Christmas or Winter," he said.

The Secret World Issue #4 released recently; the Manhattan raid, which wasdelayed for further testing, is now live.

Thanks, Massively.

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