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The Secret World 1.4 update overhauls PvP

Funcom will make a umber of changes big and small to The Secret World's PvP in the next major update.

As detailed in a new post on the MMORPG's blog, major changes are coming to the PvP Warzone Fusang Projects. Players will now be rewarded every three minutes based on faction objectives held; staying in the home base doesn't offer rewards; and PvP missions do not generate black marks.

The White Marks of Venice currency is also being overhauled, and in fact, all totals will be wiped when the update is applied. White marks will now be tradable for black marks at a ratio of 100:1, making them significantly less useless.

Moreover, if a faction is struggling, it will be given the option to complete a mission called The Underdogs. Successful completion unlocks a special NPC called the Custodian, which battles enemies and has a heal aura.

The way Fusang treats characters from different servers has been changed, too, with Cerberus, Arcadia and Leviathan grouped together; Drac and Kobold in another; and Daemon, Grim and Huldra in a third. Funcom notes it can change the battlegroups at any time.

Sourcing PvP gear is going to be easier, and matchmaking will take a more casual approach so as to avoid players being stuck without others on their tier to compete against.

Hit the link above for full details. The Secret World: Issue #4 - Big Trouble in the Big Apple is expected this month.

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