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The Secret World's Halloween event is live with plenty of tricks and treats

The Secret World's Halloween event is live, and Funcom has released a video providing a sneak peek into what awaits players.

Madame Rogét has been having visions, and its up to players to uncover the mysterious new enemy behind her soothsaying. Players will leave Kingsmouth and carry out missions as they journey throughout Solomon Island, all the while solving puzzles and battling new foes.

"Follow the leads where they take you and discover completely new locations... reveal what lies behind this nightmare and the clues will eventually even lead you into a powerful dream world," says the description.

Players will also get to see Stonehenge in its original form and meet the Cat God himself.

As a reward for doing the new missions and defeating special foes, players will be handed Bags of Tricks and Treats containing unique, edible treats which give buffs or provide "ominous effects and wondrous objects" which can transform players into monstrous creatures.

The in-game store will also include extra costumes, pets and more "tricks and treats."

All who take part in the event will be rewarded and can earn unique costumes and pets. However, The Secret Societies themselves will face off in a competition across all dimensions: the society with the most member taking part will win unique prizes.

All who take part on the winning team will be rewarded with the exclusive Jade Mouser pet cat and their Secret Society will get "eternal gratitude of all catkind", which will add a permanent feature to their Headquarters.

The Secret World's Halloween event went live yesterday, and runs through November 1.

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