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The Secret World - Funcom reiterates commitment to subscription model for the time being

The Secret World isn't going free-to-play "anytime soon," Funcom has reiterated.

Speaking in a postmortem on Eurogamer, communications director Erling Ellingsen reaffirmed the developer's commitment to the MMO's subscription model for the time being.

"It's a fast changing business and we have to adapt ourselves," Ellingsen said. "But right now there's currently no plans."

"It's really important to us with the business model we've chosen," added director Joel Bylos. "It sounds very emotional, but I almost feel like we need to prove that this business model has not gone the way of the dinosaur by delivering content constantly to people, and making people feel like there's value in it."

Creative director Ragnar Tornquist said the business model for The Secret World could change in a year "or two years or five."

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