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The Secret World Issue #6 out now for members

The Secret World members can now get their hands on the latest content drop, with non-subscribers waiting until Sunday March 17.

Issue #6: the Last Train to Cairo is $10, but as members receive a fair whack of bonus points each month and get a sweet discount, they may be able to snaffle it for free.

In a blog update, Funcom provided a couple of comic pages introducing the story, plus gave a run down on new content detailed over the past few weeks - the new auxiliary weapon, a dangerous new raid, changes to PvP and rewards for veterans and recruiters.

Perhaps more interestingly for devoted players is a second developer post discussing The Secret World's depth - or rather, its difficulty. The new raid is a serious challenge, and you'll have to learn to use impair, cleansing and buffs to tackle it. That means getting your ability deck perfect; working in a team; and using customised equipment. And then doing it all over again in a completely different way for the next challenge. The post has a lot of information on the Gatekeeper, too.

The video below highlights some of the latest issue's new content, and is narrated by lead designer Joel Bylos, who seems to be an Australian. How did I miss the memo on this?

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