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The Secret World update adding reticule combat

The Secret World game director, Joel Bylos, has taken to the MMO's forum to reveal the new features in the game's latest update, Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple.

The upcoming update for Funcom's The Secret World will feature reticle combat, a new weapon and raid content, game director Joel Bylos has revealed.

Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple, will introduce " the first raid set in a devastated New York City where players must battle a towering Eldritch horror in the ruins of Time Square." Helping you do battle with such a beast is a new auxiliary weapon, the chainsaw.

Speaking of the new addition reticule combat addition, Bylos wrote: "I am also happy to reveal that Issue #4 will be introducing one of the most requested features during Beta: reticule combat.

"This is something I wanted to bring into the game from the moment I put on the Game Director shoes as I feel it makes combat a lot more direct and exciting. We are not forcing it upon anyone, though. You will be able to freely switch between traditional targeting and the reticule depending on what you feel is best for you."

The developer will be holding a live stream event on Friday October 12 with further details and to showcase the reticule combat, check The Secret World blog for more info.

The Secret World is a modern-day MMO in which players choose to side with one of three factions: the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars. A free trial is available via the game's website

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