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The Secret World development letter outlines new Issues

The latest development update for The Secret World was posted on the official forums this week. It outlines two upcoming Issues for the game, which focus on systems updates and something more "content-heavy."

Funcom game director Joel Bylos posted the news to outline the focus for Issues #8 and #9. He says that the development team is splitting "into two different areas of focus - systems drive updates for Issue #8 and the content-heavy new Tokyo playfield for Issue #9."

Issue #8 will feature 2 new systems, scenarios and augments. Issue #9 on the other hand is a much larger endeavour, meaning that Funcom will stagger its launch over several patches.

"Issue #9 will contain the first half of the zone, including an expanded section of Venice and a return to a location that everybody will recognise immediately," says Bylos.

The Secret World is an MMO survival horror set in the modern day real world. Earlier this year it became subscription-optional, leading to a significant number of players picking it up. These updates should begin to launch later this year.

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