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Secret World scraps subscription fees, but still isn't entirely free-to-play

The Secret World developer FunCom has ditched the game's subscription model. Consumers simply have to buy the game once and then use it freely, before paying to add new content into the mix. Get the details below.

Eurogamer reports that while subscriptions have been ditched, optional paid DLC packs will be rolling out from January, the first of which will be free to anyone registering this month. There will also be free packs peppered here and there.

You can also sign up for a paid membership tier at $15 a month which nets you time accelerators for spurts of double XP, bonus points that can be spent in the item store, mystery gifts each month and a 10% discount on store goods.

You can go one higher and opt for a 'Grand Master Lifetime' subscription that gives you a 20% in the store, whiel anyone with remaining subscription time wil get 1,200 free store points, a Time Accelerator boost and a special free gift - although it's not clear what that is.

What do you make of the subscription drop? Let us know below.

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