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The Secret World 'End of Days' event update now live, kicks off Dec 21st

The Secret World Issue #5: The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn has gone live now, and brings with it the Mayan-themed 'End of Days' event that begins tomorrow, December 21st. The update follows an ARG game orchestrated by Funcom that saw gamers hacking and solving equations to earn in-game items. We've got some more event details after the jump.

AusGamers reports that the 'Issue #5' update is live now, following a blog update from The Secret World's senior designer Tanya Short that reveals that yes indeed, the world is about end tomorrow.

The 'End of Days' event will run from December 21st until January 7th, and sees hordes of undead Mayans infesting The Secret World, as well as three giant harbingers that need defeating. With them comes new missions, items, pets, challenges and a wealth of new challenges for you to tackle.

There is also a competition that will see the top 1,000 players to defeat the Mayan menace granted a special title, while the top 100 will earn an exclusive pet. Progress is tracked via The Secret World's 'Chronicle system.

To top this all off we've got screens featuring some of the Mayan enemies you'll have to defeat in order to save the world. Enjoy:

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