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Secret World: Funcom launches end of the world ARG that earns you in-game unlocks

The Secret World developer Funcom has launched an ARG game that tasks participants with 'hacking' into servers and solving puzzles to earn in-game unlocks in its MMO. it's all about the end of the world, leading up to Funcom's next game expansion 'End of Days', launching December 21st.

PCGamesN reports that The Secret World ARG is hosted by The Situation Room, and that participants will receive new, increasingly challenging equations to solve. There's even a help chat window in case you get totally stuck.

Why bother doing this? Well, completing more puzzles increased your 'survivability' rating for when the world ends during the The Secret World's 'End of Days' update on December 21st. Plus there are avatar gear and items to be won too.

Over on The Secret World forum, gamers are tracking the ARG as it progresses, and members reckon that gamers have already spent some 30,000 hours trying to crack the ARG's many codes.

There's also this video message from Funcom's Joel Bylos, who tries to- jokingly - explain that the game went free-to-play as money will be worthless in a few days time once the world ends.

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What do you think of the ARG? Does it sound neat? Let us know below.

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