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System Shock remake gets an unnerving new trailer, still no release date

That SHODAN is still up to their old tricks.

The System Shock remake got a brand new trailer at the PC Gaming Show over the weekend, and it's looking good, even if we still don't have a release date.

Nightdive showed off another look at System Shock yesterday (June 13), showing off plenty of atmospheric lighting and first-person shooting. All paired with a suitably unnerving voice over from SHODAN, the infamous AI that goes just a little bit rogue in the original game, and once again in the remake.

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Unfortunately, the trailer was not paired with a release date, as many might have hoped to have seen. Though according to director of business development Larry Kuperman, development on it is "largely complete" (thanks, PC Gamer).

"You can play through it from beginning to end, all weapons and enemies are in place and working," said Kuperman. "What remains to be done is what is termed 'polish.' Our goal is that the release version is as close to perfection as possible."

Original creator of System Shock Warren Spector also offered his thoughts on the original game and the influence it's had. "SHODAN seems far too close to reality to me right now," said Spector.

"I've worked on several games now where they have a predictive quality that I never could have predicted, and System Shock is one of them. SHODAN is right around the corner, near as I can tell. Let's just hope that she doesn't show up in as nasty a form as she did back in 1994."

Spector served as producer on the original title, which was developed by LookingGlass, though is now serving as an advisor on the remake at Nightdive.

The System Shock remake might not have a release date in sight just yet, but last year it did release a demo for the opening of the game, which you can still check out now.

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