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SWTOR's upcoming narrative involves the Shroud

Star Wars: The Old Republic has just gone free to play, but that doesn't mean the content's going to stop, with a few hints dropped as to where the story's going next.

Asked about upcoming storylines, SWTOR lead writer Hall Hood gave Massively a brief sketch.

"For decades since the Sith Empire returned to war against the Republic, the Hutt Cartel has been content to watch from the sidelines and profit from the chaos. That is all about to change, and the fallout from the Hutts' actions will have long-term consequences for the entire galaxy," he said.

"The Dread Masters aren't finished yet, either. They're about to unleash something terrible that only the galaxy's most powerful defenders have any hope of stopping. If I tell you any more, the Shroud will have me eliminated for talking. Who is this Shroud, you ask? Oh, you'll see," the writer teased.

"The war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is only getting started, and there are powerful new factions rising up to make trouble for both sides," he added.

Hood also discussed how BioWare intend to move the story forward past the end of chapter three, where some classes were offered a number of different choices leading to different end-game states.

"The design team never introduces a story branch that it doesn't have plans to pay off. In The Old Republic, the only constant is change - and players will see their fortunes changing based on their own actions and the constantly shifting state of the galaxy," he promised.

"Anyone who has ever enjoyed a good espionage thriller knows that staying out of the spy game is never easy. The galaxy will always be in danger, and old friends and new foes will always do something that draws out even the most reluctant Agent for a new mission."

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