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Survey: Japan waiting on 3DS price-drop before buying

A survey conducted by Goo Ranking has shown that potential buyers of Nintendo 3DS in Japan are waiting for a price-drop before making the plunge.

The survey - which asked 1,110 people, with the majority number being male - said the price-drop was the main reason for the hold-off.

The second biggest reason was that those surveyed were currently satisfied with their DS or DSi, followed by worries of eye strain.

Weight concerns of the handheld rounded off the top ten reasons why people weren't buying the device.

Following its launch in February in the country, which seen it move just under 375k units in its opening weekend and follow up with sales of 209k in its first full week - which was ahead of PSP's numbers at that period - 3DS has seen sales drop since.

Last week's hardware charts seen it come in at sub-20k, largely behind PSP's 30k.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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