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Subversion "at crossroads" says Introversion

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Defcon developer Introversion's upcoming mystery project Subversion is "at a crossroads right now", according to staffer Chris Delay, writing on the company forums.

"Subversion is at a crossroads right now – it could go in several different directions," he said. "My gut tells me I’ve spent long enough generating cities for now, and the results are pretty good – it’s time to move in a level and start thinking about the buildings themselves. I’m actually thinking of starting work on the Simulator next. In other words, the system that simulates the activity of the world and lets you interact with it in interesting ways, otherwise known as The Game. It’s become obvious that some people within Introversion – Mark in particular – are nervous there is no game to show for all this blue-sky work so far, and are probably quite-rightly worried we’re dealing with another Darwinia. But my mind is pretty clear – I can see the game playing out in my head – it’s just a very long way off, almost impossible to create at this point even after all the work that’s been done."

Very little is known of Subversion at this point by anyone, including, it would seem, the guys working on it. You have to have faith, though. Introversion has such a stellar track record it's hard to believe Chris and the rest of the team aren't going to turn out an proper winner. Daley thinks the same.

"Every day I work on it I’m even more convinced," he said. "This is the big one, Introversion Software’s Magnum Opus, and it’s going to be the best game we will ever make."

No date, no details. Just what you see, pal.

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