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State of Decay Australian release waiting on Classification Board

The Classification Board is yet to reach a verdict on Undead Labs' State of Decay, explaining its absence from the Australian Xbox Live Marketplace.

"Australia, I am so sorry. We cannot ship to you tomorrow. We are still waiting for the Australian Ratings Board to certify the game, and unfortunately we have no control over their response time," the developer wrote on its Facebook page.

"As soon as we hear, we'll be shipping to you with the next game update. We will not leave you behind if we can help it."

The zombie survival sim, which will serve as a platform for an upcoming MMO, arrived on June 5 elsewhere in the world.

The delay does not necessarily mean the game will not be successfully rated, especially as Australia introduced an R18+ ratings category on January 1, 2013, but Undead Labs may not have realised how far in advance it would need to submit the game; some publishers have their games classified in Australia months ahead of launch day.

Thanks, CVG.

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