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Stardew Valley inspired magical sim, Wylde Flowers, arrives this autumn

After taking Apple Arcade by storm, Wylde Flowers is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Wylde Flowers looks to be the magical mixture of farming sim, Stardew Valley, and the sort of spellcasting you'd expect to see Pelican Town's Wizard pulling off (spoiler: his spells aren't half as cool).

The magical sim was previously exclusive to Apple Arcade, but it has now been announced that the indie will be coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on September 20, 2022.

The charming indie has you step into the shoes of Tara, as she goes on a heart-warming journey to become a witch and restore her grandmother's farm simultaneously. By day, you'll be tilling soil and tending to your farm, but by night, you'll be bonding with your coven and practicing spells. If you wish to live out a whimsical cottagecore lifestyle, this could be the game for you.

The game features a large cast of fully voiced characters, all with their own back stories for you to delve into. And, as you'd expect from a sim this cute, there'll be opportunities to find love, too. In addition to living out witch life on the farm, and romancing or befriending your neighbours, the game's soundtrack is scored by a real orchestra, just to add a little extra whimsy to the title.

Wylde Flowers certainly looks like a game that many can add to their rotation of cosy games, and with it coming to Switch, I'll no doubt end up picking it up once my relationship with Stardew Valley ends!

What do you think of this charming witch-meets-farming simulator?

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