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Star Wars: Squadrons Director Responds to B-Wing Requests: No Plans For DLC At This Time

Sorry, B-Wing fans.

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Star Wars: Squadrons is looking to light up space with X-Wing and TIE Fighter dogfights this October, but one ship has been conspicuously absent. The B-Wing is a favorite to some, especially players of the older X-Wing games, but it sounds like the ship isn't planned for Squadrons.

Speaking during a recent press event, Star Wars: Squadrons Director Ian Frazier responded to requests for the B-wing. "Man, the love of the B-wing is strong!" Frazier jokes. But he reiterates the team's commitment to delivering one whole Squadrons package.

"So we don't have any plans for DLC or live service content at this time, we're trying to stay very focused on a game that is complete, whole, and feels good when you buy it," said Frazier. "Like here's the box, thank you for your $40, please enjoy."

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Electronic Arts has stressed it's no-DLC approach in the past as well, so it seems like if your favorite ship doesn't make the initial cut, it's unlikely to see an addition anytime soon after launch. There goes my Jedi Starfighter hopes, I suppose.

We recently got some hands-on time with Star Wars: Squadrons, and our own Kat Bailey came away feeling like it's a faster, deeper version of the classic X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter model. It also brings some other classic fighters into the official canon. The BFF-1 bulk freighter is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Star Wars: Squadrons arrives on Oct. 2, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And yes, flight-stick faithful, the PC build will support HOTAS rigs.

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