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Star Wars Galaxies implementing free server transfers

Server transfers. Great. Every MMO has 'em. Free ones, though? This could get messy.

Say what you will about Star Wars Galaxies, but - despite its numerous flaws - you can't knock it for cowardice. Wildly ambitious from conception, the game's undergone numerous overhauls and tweaks. And now, according to Massively, it's taking another dive off the deep end in the form of free server transfers.

Granted, Galaxies isn't the most populated game out there, so SOE knows what it's doing. Also, characters that haven't been around for 90 days or more aren't eligible for transfer, and a period of 90 days must elapse between transfers.

The new system's kicking off on April 26, if you're interested. And sure, the game may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit that being a dimension-traveling Jedi does have a certain appeal.

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