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Star Wars Battlefront to get free maps and Star Cards

The Battle of Jakku DLC won't be the final piece of free content to come to Star Wars Battlefront.

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Star Wars Battlefront was almost universally criticised for having a content problem, which many thought would result in players burning out on the game quickly.

Outside of The Battle of Jakku DLC, EA never said whether or not we can expect more free content. Overnight, the publisher announced that it will indeed release maps and Star Cards for free in the coming months.

Developer DICE confirmed this in a blog post titled 'The start of your Star Wars adventure', where it thanked fans for their support and revealed that Battlefront has become EA's largest digital launch, not to mention the biggest ever release for a Star Wars game.

DICE did not give a hint of what to expect, and did not reveal any dates, though it did promise to share more details soon.

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